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Monday, June 16, 2008

Road Trip 2008 - KULA

Great Trip around Europe! This time I went alone, all way back to Portugal, 14 days, 3500km.

Different Countries, different cultures, different people..

Sweden (Gothemburg), Denmark (Copenhagen), Germany (Bremen), Netherlands (Rotterdam, Amsterdam), Belgium, France, Spain (Barcelona, Madrid) and Portugal (Lisbon).

Drive, cities, monuments, family, friends, capoeira, dance, salsa..

Next Video, I'm already editing is capoeira in these cities and more!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

First day - Road Trip 2008

طريق رحلة 2008 - Arabic

旅行2008年 - Chinese

I like a lot to travel by car, that’s why I decided to do this trip... since 2006, my first road trip with Joe.

Every summer I try to travel by car through Europe. This time I leave Gothenburg alone at 06h00 in the morning.
After cross the long bridge that goes from Sweden till Denmark, the first stop it was Copenhagen, capital of Denmark. I walk on the centre and see some nice building, the main church and the theatre Tivoli.

There was no time for more, so let’s go on with this trip, next hour I was on the boat relaxing and eating on my way to Germany.
After more 300 km I stop in Bremen for refuel my car and visit another magnificent city, the centre it was like medieval with the Bremen town hall, St. Peter's Cathedral and a statue of a warrior.

Next Stop, just more 3 hours of driving and I was with family in Rotterdam! So nice to be with them here...

I will tell you more about my trip another day!

I let you with the video of 2006, for you get ready for the next video...